TAD Appliance

A temporary anchorage device (TAD) is a tiny screw-like appliance that is fixed to the jawbone inside your mouth. It gives an anchor to help align teeth.

What Is A TAD Appliance?

This treatment technique can replace external headgear, bite blocks, elastics, and other functional appliances to offer a more efficient and discrete method of treatment.

Orthodontists use force to break down the cell in the bone and periodontal ligament. This allows your teeth to move in the best position for a healthy bite and smile. With most patients, the large molars in the back allow your orthodontist to move teeth around by using them as anchors. There are times however when an orthodontist’s abilities to push and pull (to move or shift) teeth in a desired direction is limited–that’s when a TAD is used. What’s more, using a TAD appliance allows an orthodontist to move teeth asymmetrical; meaning we can move two teeth on the same arch in different directions.


What are the Advantages of a TAD Appliance?

By placing small, biocompatible titanium mini-screws in the jawbone, orthodontists can do more to move teeth without using invasive surgery techniques or exterior headgear or face mask devices. TADs are widely accepted because they are safe, durable, predictable, discrete, and effective in resolving cases that once required oral surgery. With TAD treatments Dr. Cameron can:

  • Correct underbites
  • Align asymmetric skeletal cants
  • Move molars forward to fill spaces in your mouth
  • Fix open bite and cross bite malocclusion

Some patients may require oral surgery, with Dr. Cameron’s professional use of TAD appliances, you will have the best options available for a beautiful and healthy smile.